Luke Rolka: Certified Thoughtsmith and Designmage

Diving into Tech

I’m a tech junkie in the academic sense. I don’t always have or use the latest thing but I probably know more about it than absolutely necessary. I want to know when the swell turns into a wave.*

*Not a surfer. Learn more about me here.

In the Service of Narrative

All complex problems have a premise, and all solutions have plots. Whether I’m writing a work of fiction or hashing out a business problem, it’s worth evaluating the arc of the thing. Because you usually can’t change the problem’s premise, but you can definitely change the plot.

Words Matter

Part of good design is finding the right metaphor for the situation. If one can describe the problem well, there’s a good chance one can engineer an effective solution. It helps to avoid the buzzword. At the end of the day, we don’t boil the ocean, change the paradigm, or holistically approach our low hanging fruit around here.