Up Close with Luke Rolka
About Luke Rolka

So Close

When you get close enough to anything, it goes from object to landscape. This is what I love about design, visual storytelling, and problem solving. Even mundane crap takes on new textures and angles under a microscope.
This is what has motivated me over the years to be a maker and what fuels my imagination. It has also given me a unique anchor I can cast, from which point I can see through problems that eludes the attempts of others to solve, particularly in terms of business or creative processes.
I’ve been a part of the b2b software tech industry for nearly half a decade in Portland, Oregon, putting into practice my fascination with details and the practical context that makes them possible. I’m a listener, gathering together pieces from multiple perspectives until everything meets in the middle.


  • I’m a dreamer first, a listener second, and maker third.
  • I’m also a visual designer/art director if we’re labeling ourselves.
  • I collect and draw sequential art (comix, especially those of the narrative variety).
  • I have about three or four stories coming to life in my head at any given time.
  • I enjoy reading weirdo cross-genre literary sci-fi and I obsessively read culture/design/science/tech articles from the internets.
  • My favorite author is Douglas Adams, forever and always.